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Taste & See Health Series -- Sourdough Breadmaking

Updated: April 23, 2023


First success from class baked by Kaylin Lauger!
First success from class baked by Kaylin Lauger!

Sourdough Bread
Home Baking

The class is over! 

Thank you to all the attendees
for making it a success!

Enjoy some photos taken during the class
and the first post-class loaf!




​Meet your Instructors


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 Class Outline:

  • Scoring

  • Baking

  • Autolyse 

  • Sourdough Benefits

  • Sourdough Terminology

  • Measuring and Baker’s Math

  • Do it the “Right Way”?

  • Starters

  • Mixing

  • Kneading, Stretching, & Folding

  • Bulk Fermentation

  • Pre-shaping / Shaping

  • Cold Proofing

  • Inclusion Ideas

  • Resource Tips
































​Meet your Instructors


​Amanda enjoys baking, homemaking and gardening.

Her mom taught her to bake bread before she was 10 and she has been doing that ever since.

A few years ago she developed a sourdough starter and has enjoyed making sourdough bread and sourdough baked goods ever since.

Since she has 3 young helpers, if you have any questions on if a neglected, haphazard loaf turns out, the answer is yes!


Carla, also known as GG or Grandma Goodie, so named by her first granddaughter.

I can be found most times in my kitchen or lab as it’s called by those who know me.

I have been cooking and creating recipes for more than thirty-years, so, it seemed only natural to try my hand at sourdough breads.

It all began with a sourdough starter that launched my interest and after the first try, I was hooked.

Later watching a few how-to videos and reading many expert blogs, I discovered a new truth about sourdough bread making.

The truth is, it’s less of a science and more of a joy that is responsible for the beautiful crumb and lovely sour taste; it’s like no other type of crafted bread.
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Gregg has been baking with natural yeast for nearly 8 years.

He has made various breads and pastries including baguettes, ciabatta, and croissants.

He has now has two sourdough starters Genevieve and Rye-an. 

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Tim is a retiree from 40 years in Information Technology. 

Not long after, he started something he had never imagined...baking bread at home.  Ironically, at first, he had zero interest in baking sourdough.

Credit for sparking his interest in sourdough goes to fellow instructor Amanda!  After his initial failed attempt to create a starter (not enough patience), he almost took Amanda up on her offer to give him some of her sourdough starter.

However, after watching some YouTube videos and another attempt, the rye starter later named "Death Starter" was born!

He now divides his time between home-baking, volunteer IT support for the church and school, and traveling.

Tim's Website Learning Center Page

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 Recipes (Click Images to See Recipes)

Recipe Contributed By Description / Notes
Tim A basic sourdough loaf baked on a stone, steel, or dutch oven.

A crusty, no-knead sourdough bread with a delightfully soft texture and deliciously tangy flavor. The dough is mixed one day and baked the next, giving it an elevated taste and texture.

Recipe Credit:  https://www.farmhouseonboone.com

Gregg A crunchy, golden  crust, and velvety crumb is perfect for sandwiches and toast.
Tim A great every day loaf for making sandwiches and toast.
Gregg Want a loaf with bigger, open holes?
Tim Check this one out if you want a loaf of sourdough that could be a dessert!
Tim How to take create and care for a sourdough starter.