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Offering Appeal for March 26, 2022

Updated: March 25, 2022


Blue Mountain Academy’s 2021 senior class chose to do a mission trip instead of a class trip last spring. "Our senior class didn’t want to just do a class trip, we wanted to serve also,” shares Catarina Falcao who was part of Blue Mountain Academy’s (BMA) 2021 senior class. “Since we couldn’t go out of the country because of covid, we decided to serve in Florida.” 

Students served local Adventist churches and their communities in a variety of ways. “What was really impressive about these BMA students is how they worked in the hot sun to help several churches stripe their parking lots and paint their fencing. I never heard one student complain or try to find a way to get out of the work. They worked fast, accurately, and joyfully, despite a heat index over 100 degrees,” states Gary Gibbs, Pennsylvania Conference president. “Even more impressive was the morning and evening worships they led, the fact that they never complained about each other, and just the overall good-natured spirit of this class. I am extremely grateful for the influence BMA is having on young people!” 

Senior Ossie Vidal shares, “We made such a big impact on the community and the church by doing work that was needed such as food drives, pavement painting, and so much more. It was really a blessing to be able to work and make an impact not only on the community but on each of its members individually.” 

"It is an exciting thing to be a part of a school where students are choosing to experience a mission trip for their senior class trip,” said Burney Culpepper, principal. “I observed the sense of Christian accomplishment that each senior showed as they ministered to the different people. There is no better way for our young ladies and men to spend their class trip than by serving others." 

Your gift to the BMA offering today helps young people experience a Christ-centered, Adventist education that will equip them to grow academically and with a service-oriented perspective on the world around them. Thank you for giving generously!