Harrisburg First SDA Church

Audio-Visual Capabilities

Updated: July 28, 2022



We can accept media in a number of ways (listed in our preferred order):

  1. Click Here to send our technology team a presentation, performance soundtrack, video, etc.,
    You will be redirected to pCloud.com so you can complete the upload.
    Do not close your browser or navigate away from the upload page until you receive a message that your submission was received. ​ Please notify us by email at  hfsda.tech@gmail.com what you have submitted and any special instructions.

  2. For smaller files, you can email hfsda.tech@gmail.com with your media attached.

  3. For the remaining items, special arrangements must be made more than one week ahead so there is time to process:

  • USB Drive
  • Physical audio CD disc
  • Physical DVD disc (No Blu Ray discs)

​Please do not ask to play media from a phone or other mobile device.  Problems with phones can burden on AV staff with unnecessary distractions (e.g. device locks before the media is played, passwords/pin codes, unintended sounds from notifications)


  • 1 wired pulpit microphone

  • 1/8" audio input at pulpit

  • 4 wired hand-held microphones

  • 2 wireless hand-held microphones

  • 1 wired studio (wide pickup angle) microphone on stand

  • 1 wired shotgun microphone on stand (used to capture ambient organ sound)

  • 1 wireless microphone with a lapel  microphone

  • 1 wired microphone for the piano

  • Audio playback from visuals computer in AV booth

  • 1/8” audio input in the AV booth.

  • 1/8” audio input at the podium.


  • Ceiling hung, 5,500 Lumen 720p projector.  Image approximately 16’ wide

  • VGA projector input at pulpit

  • VGA projector guest input in AV booth

  • Windows 10 presentation computer ​in AV booth with Microsoft Office 2016

  • DVD video playback from the Zoom Host computer in AV booth only.

  • NO HDMI, DVI, composite, or DisplayPort projection inputs

  • PowerPoint

  • ProPresenter 7

  • Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote.

  • ProRemote can be loaded on your smartphone or tablet for controlling ProPresenter 7